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The Ranger Station

The life and times of a Pokémon Ranger.

  1. Shiny Pokemon

    Everyone's collecting them. I've already traded the ones I caught for perfect IV Pokemon.
  2. I've made a tough decision

    After a lot of thought and consideration, I've had to make a tough decision.

    I've looked back in the time I've spent on this forum with fondness. My recent activity has been low. Several real life issues have also affected my activity. My head and thoughts are clear and I've made a decision. Don't try to change my mind because it won't work.

    I've decided.

    I'm not leaving this forum.

  3. Wut

  4. 5 years

    That's a long time. 5 years ago, I joined this wonderful forum. And I've enjoyed every minute of it.

    Continue being awesome Bulbagarden!

    Time to drop dem mentions!
    @Ash Ketchum.;
    @Grass Type Warrior;
    @J J M;
    @Kite Austin;
    @Princess of Hoenn; ...
  5. Doublade sucks

    Not going to hold back here. It sucks. What a terrible design.

    And no, Electrode, Dugtrio, Magneton, etc aren't off the hook either.
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