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Are Bulbagarden's Statistics a

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I've looked at the statistics of Bulbagarden Forums at the bottom of the index menu and it said there were 26,400 users.

What I've come to notice is that on your profile page the link is usually like this: (insert number)

My profile link happens to be this:

So I came to the conclusion after observing other profiles and their profile number, I'm assuming that the number there is the exact user you are. Apparently, I am the 23931st user if my hypothesis is correct.

Now what I'm wondering is this:

If that was the 41,155th user that joined then how could there be 26,400 members in the statistics? Just wondering..............

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  1. Soulweaver's Avatar
    I guess it doesn't count permabanned users (or deleted users, but I believe there are very few of those).
  2. Phoenicks's Avatar
    It's not precise, because if you go down the Member List in Chronological Order , there are some other descrepencies. For example, Evil Figment joined a day before Archaic (Maybe it's a timing glitch, but let's assume for now), but Archaic's number is 1 while Evil's number is 3.

    The most recent user I found has a number of 41154, hardly in the 26,400 range. I don't know anything about the system for fact, but I would feel safe in saying that it does more than simply give you a number based on your position in joining.


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