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Rex's question time

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Stolen from evkl, inb4 everyone's doing it.

Got a question to ask? Ask away.

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  1. woops's Avatar
    Who's cuter, Quilava or Buizel?
  2. Feng's Avatar
    Who's cuter, Quilava or Purugly?
  3. evkl's Avatar
    A big question, so I'll make it my only one:
    *What, if any, philosophical schools or rules do you subscribe to/follow?
  4. Mijzelffan's Avatar
    1. What's your favourite kind of candy?
    2. For which country are you rooting in the fifa world cup (you must pick one)?
    3. What colour is your ds?
    4. Are you allergic to something?
    5. What's your favourite nintendo series?
    6. What channel do you watch the most often?
    7. If you were to be kicked out of your country, in which country would you live?
    8. Forums or Pedia?
    9. Ever started an illegal fire?
    10. Favourite holiday?
    11. Favourite language besides your native?
    12. Uhmm, do you own a cat?
    13. Got any siblings?

    Phew, I just literally asked everything that popped into my mind.
  5. Ino-Chan's Avatar
    How can free will and divine preoriantation coexist?
  6. Dan's Avatar
    Did you ever ask out that girl? The one we talked about?
  7. Yoshi-san's Avatar
    Why do you like Quilava?
  8. Phoenicks's Avatar
    Who's cuter, Buizel or Purugly?
  9. Kasumi's Avatar
    Who's cuter, Quilava or Magmarashi?

  10. Mako's Avatar
    Is there a Santa Claus?
  11. Trainer-c's Avatar
    Is Racer X your secret identity?

    If you became the ruler of the world, what would your first order of business be?
  12. Sublime's Avatar
    Are you a real boy?
    Does your nose grow if you lie?
    Is running Bulbanews difficult?
    Favorite video game of all time?
    Favorite subject in school?


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