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  1. With the staff recruitment thing going on

    Haha, I bet you guys thought I was gonna post some results.

    Yeah, nope. Just a blog with a semi relevant title.

    Anyway, with this years staff recruitment drive I am reminded of when I applied for a position on Bulbanews early last year, during the last drive.

    I wanted to be a Writer, and Argy said no. Look where I am now.

    Funny how things change like that. ...
  2. So guys

    Blazaking EX said that I need to post another blog because my other one is depressing.

    So here's what's happened in the last year.

    • Started using the IRC.

    • Got modship on the forums for being a trade center person.

    • Became the editor in chief of the Bulbapedia news Bulbanews.

    • Got forums admin.

    • Got yelled at for "killing Bulbanews" because I let people post columns and editorials.

    • Got voted 3rd
  3. So my grandma's in the hospital

    Yeah. Apparently she's dying. She's been battling with Alzheimers for a long time, six/seven years now. The doctors aren't sure if she'll make it to tomorrow, so that's pretty disappointing.


    Anyway... If you could keep her in your prayers, I'd really appreciate it.
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