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Answer time, questions from my last blog answered

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Skull Kid's question
Who's cuter, Quilava or Buizel?

Feng's question
Who's cuter, Quilava or Purugly?

evkl's question
What, if any, philosophical schools or rules do you subscribe to/follow?
There's a God and he's a big fan of us. Have positive thoughts and feelings and they will be returned your way; the opposite is also true. Manifestation exists.

At the moment I can't really if I follow a specific religion, though I'm pretty sure Jesus existed and was a cool guy, so it'd be one of the many Christian religions.

Mijzelffan's questions
1. What's your favourite kind of candy?
I'm not a huge fan of candy, but if I had to pick, probably something like a Reese's Cup or M&Ms... Actually, more recently the Bulbapedia admins have got me hooked on Cadbury Eggs. I've been undergoing withdrawal since Easter.

2. For which country are you rooting in the fifa world cup (you must pick one)?
Seeing how there is only four teams still in the cup, it's a bit late to ask that, but out of the current countries, probably the Netherlands.

3. What colour is your ds?
I've got a platinum DS Phat.

4. Are you allergic to something?

5. What's your favourite nintendo series?
Used to be Pokémon. Now that we're post-GSC, I'd probably have to say Zelda.

6. What channel do you watch the most often?
Comedy Central.

7. If you were to be kicked out of your country, in which country would you live?
Either Saint Lucia or England. Saint Lucia has an amazing climate and it's beautiful there, but if I lived in England, I'd have a chance at being knighted, which is badass.

8. Forums or Pedia?
Pedia of course.

9. Ever started an illegal fire?
Don't think so?

10. Favourite holiday?
Thanksgiving :D

11. Favourite language besides your native?
Erm, Japanese, if only because it's the closest thing I've got to a second language. Otherwise, probably an Arab language like Farsi because it's cool.

12. Uhmm, do you own a cat?

13. Got any siblings?
One. He's starting to get into Pokémon, which is cool.

Ino-chan's question
How can free will and divine pre-orientation coexist?
Upon googling "divine pre-orientation", these blogs on Bulbagarden are the second result, with nobody else having the exact phrase "divine pre-orientation." Rephrase the question, please.

DCM's question
Did you ever ask out that girl? The one we talked about?
From... September? No, I wasn't interested in her. Did ask someone out recently, which you would know if you actually spent some time in #bulbaRPG.

yoshi12370's question
Why do you like Quilava?
I could probably write a 10,000 word essay on why I like Quilava, honestly. In short, my first Pokémon game was Crystal, and Cyndaquil was my starter. I was up late one night playing it when it evolved from Quilava into Typhlosion. I was like "huh", and kept playing. Soon after, I figured I liked the Quilava backsprite a lot more than I liked the Typhlosion backsprite. I turned off the game, losing a bunch of save data to get Quilava back.

I can't really appreciate any other Pokémon like I like Quilava. I like Umbreon and Espeon on a similar level, but there's nothing that compares to the badass that is Quilava.

Phoenicks' question
Who's cuter, Buizel or Purugly?

Kasumi's question
Who's cuter, Quilava or Magmarashi?
They're equally cute!

Jabberwocky's question
Is there a Santa Claus?

Trainer-c's questions
Is Racer X your secret identity?
It's my stripper name.

If you became the ruler of the world, what would your first order of business be?
Ensure proper distribution of food and water around the world. When people stop dying we'll get to start doing the fun stuff.

Sublime's questions
Are you a real boy?
*checks pants* Apparently.

Does your nose grow if you lie?

Is running Bulbanews difficult?
Yeah, but it has its rewards.

Favorite video game of all time?
Super Mario Sunshine.

Favorite subject in school?

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Updated 6th July 2010 at 05:13 PM by RexRacer



  1. Ino-Chan's Avatar
    didvine preoriantation: basically fate. So: How can free will and fate coexist?
  2. YoshiSage's Avatar
    Nice answers. ^_^
  3. Sublime's Avatar
    What could you possibly fit in a 10,000 word essay about a Pokemon...? Serious question.
  4. Blazaking's Avatar
    I just wanted to point out that Jesus' existence isn't only acknowledged in Christian religions. He's also a Prophet in Islam.
  5. RexRacer's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by Blazaking EX
    I just wanted to point out that Jesus' existence isn't only acknowledged in Christian religions. He's also a Prophet in Islam.
    I know. He "existed" in Christianity, Islam and Judaism, but only in Christianity is he the son of God.

    That's what I meant...
  6. Mako's Avatar
  7. Catspring's Avatar
    YOU LIE. Magmarashi is cuter. That's why I have it as my avatar, not Quilava -scoffs-


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