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  1. You know you've been away for a while when...

    You can say that the most recent thing you've contributed to Bulbagarden was helping decide the title for the B2W2 article on Bulbapedia.... in February. Things have been really busy for me in real life (keeping grades up, extracurriculars, working full time, all that stupid teenager stuff) but I haven't forgotten about you guys!

    So how've you all been? Anything cool happen in the past six months?
  2. Answer time, questions from my last blog answered

    Skull Kid's question
    Who's cuter, Quilava or Buizel?

    Feng's question
    Who's cuter, Quilava or Purugly?

    evkl's question
    What, if any, philosophical schools or rules do you subscribe to/follow?
    There's a God and he's a big fan of us. Have positive thoughts and feelings and they will be returned your way; the opposite is also true. Manifestation exists.

    At the moment I can't really ...

    Updated 6th July 2010 at 05:13 PM by RexRacer

  3. Rex's question time

    Stolen from evkl, inb4 everyone's doing it.

    Got a question to ask? Ask away.
  4. Saw some pigs in the National Geographic today

    It made me want some pigs. Like really bad. Wouldn't it be great to have like five pigs and a giant-ass bed so you could just chill with them?

    And then once it's night time you could be like "PIGS!" and they would all come up on the bed and you'd snuggle up with them and feel nice and content. Keep you warm in the winter.

    That'd be a pretty cool life.
  5. Couple of badasses on these here forums

    Yeah you probably aren't in this blog. Anyway, here they are.

    Hell yeah. This guy is a badass, I mean, seriously. He helps Sato run the IRC, and he's good at coding. He also recently got a master's degree, which is badass. Hell yeah Misty, go get a kickass job with that master's degree.

    Here's Misty:
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