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Did Our Gang start the ep by sleeping on the job? Well, Fate certainly wouldn't let that go unpunished.

Even though the ep started with the TRio at the controls of the Arbo-Tank, I'm guessing this Transformer was designed to pretty much drive itself. Otherwise, there's no way Togepi and Sentret could've wrought half the havoc they did. (Misty's gonna need a leash or something for Togepi.)

Misty's behavior when Togepi went missing seemed pretty out of character for her--for a while, she seemed more interested in checking out Sentret for a while than finding Togepi. Contrast this with other eps, when she nearly freaks out. I don't think Ash would've been so easily distracted if it were Pikachu MIA.

With all the nonstop antagonism since arriving in Johto, it was nice to get an ep in which Our Gang and the TRio were forced to work together. Broke up the repetitiveness a bit.

Remember what I said a few blogs back about Plan A never succeeding? It may have had some merit, but the mud wasn't thick or deep enough. Even Brock's army outfit couldn't have changed that. (Though he did look more like a soldier than anyone else in this ep.)

Just outta curiosity, what exactly was that attack that Togepi's Metronome triggered? Could've been some form of Dig.

Hey, someone finally remembered how strong Charizard is. Of course, it makes me wonder why they didn't call on him to help earlier?

Here's a bit of sage advice for the TRio: Never run into any piece of machinery that's about to explode.I guess TPTB couldn't let an ep go by without the TRio in the statosphere.

Since Jenny Clone J-5 only had a minute of screentime, she didn't have a lot to do; of course, it also meant she didn't have a chance to fail at doing her job. Though I do wonder if she or anyone else in that town had ever thought of drilling that tunnel through the mountain. Maybe they didn't have enough revenue to get started, or something.

Next: Charizard goes from champ to chump.

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  1. Missingno. Master's Avatar
    (Misty's gonna need a leash or something for Togepi.)
    I know, right? If only there was some sort of... oh... I dunno... spherical sort of container that would just... I guess... turn the Pokémon into energy and just keep it stored inside until the trainer wanted to call it back out... OH, WAIT.

    Seriously, I get that Misty likes to carry Togepi in her arms, but if I was in the situation of caring for a Pokémon where I'd prefer to carry it in my arms, or it would prefer to ride on my shoulder, or whatever, I'd still at least catch it in a Poké Ball, then let it back out. That way, in the event of it wandering off, once I've located it, retrieval would be as easy as holding out the ball and yelling, "Wynaut, return!" and then letting it right back out at my side.

    In fact, why doesn't this ever occur to Ash? Team Rocket's got Pikachu clamped in some metallic claw or giant rubber hand attached to their balloon, and Ash can't think to yank out Pikachu's Poké Ball, blow off the topmost layers of dust, and just recall Pikachu for two seconds? I know Pikachu hates Poké Balls, but two seconds inside one has got to be better than however long it's with the trio until Ash rescues it. In fact, I think the first time a character ever thinks to simply use their Poké Ball to rescue a stolen Pokémon was that Glameow/Purugly filler extremely late in Sinnoh.


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