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Like I did for the last ep, may I stress that the boundaries between "Pokemon Preserve" and "Safari Zone" needed to be a little better defined? Otherwise, Ash wouldn't have gotten in trouble with Jenny Clone #8. And she pulled a gun on him! You can't do that!

New Pokemon: Kangas...KHAAAAAAAAAAN! (I know I'm not the only person who had that thought.)

So Jungle Boy was fluent in Kangaskhan? Since we later found out he grew up here, that makes sense. And wouldn't it have been funny if he had shouted "Kangas...KHAAAAAAAAAN!" (I won't make that joke again in this review. Promise.)

A little note to Tommy's dad: When you introduce yourself to someone, don't just say you're related to some so-and-so whom that person may never have met. And what was with the zebra suit? At least his wife was dressed more appropriately for a safari.

So Jungle Boy got lost because his dad held him out of an airplane and accidentally dropped him? That immediately convinced me that the man was a dunce. And making jokes about it afterward? He's lucky his wife didn't kill him. She probably should have.

So Tommy's parents made Our Gang carry them around the jungle? Were they trying to be as unlikeable as possible?

Note: When Misty met Jungle Boy, there was originally a breast comment that the American dubbers edited out. Another rare example of intelligence on their part.

Considering that Jungle Boy had been lost for 2+ years, I would've expected more emotion from his parents upon their reunion. Or were they mellow on something that got edited out? And then Tommy's dad whacked his son on the head to jog his memory? I'm submitting him as an nominee for the "Worst Father" award.

And speaking of...did either of these two have names besides "Mama" and "Papa"? I know they were only CotDs, but even they typically have names if we see them for more than half an episode.

Holy cow...James had a gun too! And he was shooting Pokemon! Granted, they were tranquilizer darts, but I'll bet even that would get edited out today.

Was the helicopter kamikaze really necesary? I'm guessing it was Mama and Papa owning up to their parental suckitude and either trying to make amends or just end it all. And where'd they get those jungle get-ups, anyway? And did they really discuss their future while buried under tons of debris?

Overall, this was one of those eps that had potential, but the execution did nothing for me. I'm willing to overlook a few minor flaws, but like "Hypno's Naptime," it was just too hard to take this seriously.

Next: "The banned, Elwood! The banned!"

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  1. matt0044's Avatar
    Ahh, Tommy's dad. And people say Goku is a bad father, at least he LOVED Gohan enough to try and save him from Raditz. Tommy's dad just stuck him out the window, accidentally dropped him and couldn't be bothered to look for his son for TWO years. Not even Son Goku was that dense as an adult or a father.

    DBZ aside, the parents were a definite highlight for me because it seemed like they really were gunning for the World's Worst Parents award.


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