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  1. A Bout With Sprout

    by , 12th May 2012 at 05:44 AM
    So Ash finally made it to the city with the first gym. To put this in perspective, about this time in Kanto, Ash was in position to win his third badge.

    I guess little kids don't automatically know that nearly tearing an animal apart isn't a good way to endear said animal to themselves. (I'd also like to say that the look on Ash's face as Brock was repeatedly patting him on the head in front of Miss Priscilla was priceless.)

    Yikes! Earl did not look good in that manitard. ...
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  2. Ignorance Is Blissey

    by , 11th May 2012 at 06:04 AM
    Actually, "clumsiness" might've worked better in the title. Let's see...Blissey opened a door in Ash's face, spilled food all over him, sliced his back open (and how'd blood get past the censors?), doused the wound in alcohol, and wrapped him up like a mummy. Oh, and scared the crap out of Joy Clone J-3. Ash must've been working overtime to keep being nice.

    Okay, comic relief out of the way...

    This ep may be the first time Jessie met up with an old friend ...
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  3. The Whistle Stop

    by , 10th May 2012 at 05:45 AM
    Ash Ketchum, report to the bridge! Oh, wait...never mind. And not only did the TRio break the bridge, they also broke the friggin' fourth wall. Dammit, Meowth!

    At least Ash has been paying enough attention to call Misty on her inconsistent entomophobia. Plus we've now seen the introduction of the Brockedex. (I can only imagine how many girls he's got stored in there.)

    I think ladybugs do help pollinate flowers in real life, so having Ledyba do so in Poke-Earth makes ...
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  4. Once In A Blue Moon

    by , 9th May 2012 at 05:13 AM
    I wonder if Ash's "Poke Ball maintenance" line might've been a callback to that ep where Snorlax's Poke Ball got damaged. At least Ash seemed to learn his lesson, as Misty even commented on how responsible Ash was being. Then Brock announced lunch was ready, and Ash left his Poke Balls unattended by the river. So much for maturity.

    So who would've won the great Psyduck vs. Quagsire Staring Contest had Misty not interrupted it? I'd bet 47 quatloos on Psyduck, since he'd probably ...
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  5. The Chikorita Rescue

    by , 8th May 2012 at 05:24 AM
    You know, Misty really oughta invest in something more appropriate for cold weather (unless her skin has super insulation). And figures that Brock would take up skiing just to hang with the snow bunnies.

    Is is SOP for a trainer to call out for whoever may be the trainer of a seemingly wild Pokemon? I don't recall Ash having ever done this before or since.

    Okay, I can believe a Chikorita being a match for Bulbasaur, but Charizard? The big guy must've really been having ...
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