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  1. It's Mr. Mimie Time

    by , 6th March 2012 at 06:53 AM
    I think someone goofed on the title card, since Ash read the title as "It's Mr. Mime Time."

    Hey, Ash--if you wanna surprise someone, you don't call ahead. Or was that just a dubbing error?

    Anyone else get Fuchsia Gym flashbacks with that invisible wall? Maybe Koga secretly employed a Mr. Mime. On the subject of Mr. Mime, though--aren't mimes supposed to be silent?

    I do hope they didn't plan to leave that wall up there for the next traveler to ...
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  2. The Battle Of The Badge

    by , 5th March 2012 at 09:31 AM
    So according to the dub, it's been about a year since Ash & Pikachu's Excellent Adventure began. Not in the original, but it sounds about right. I imagine it must've taken about that long to rebuild the Pokemon Center after Our Gang and the TRio destroyed it.

    I don't suppose Pika pulled that campfire out of Brock's hammerspace backpack, did he? I guess that's the Pokemon version of a Hawaiian Hotfoot.

    Notice that Gary only had three badges in common with Ash. Now, ...
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  3. Clefairy Tales

    by , 4th March 2012 at 07:25 AM
    I guess Jigglypuff doesn't really care if anyone listens to her singing, if she was singing by herself in a forest. And wouldn't it have been funny if we'd seen the UFO show up while she was singing and then fall during the song?

    Only Ash could make loud slurping sounds while eating ice cream. And leave it to him to place a higher priority on the ice cream than the stolen backpacks.

    So all the thefts that have been going on started three nights ago? Oy, it's "Hypno's ...
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  4. The Misty Mermaid

    by , 3rd March 2012 at 07:04 AM
    Okay, I think we're finally past the episode arrangement screwups.

    I could tell what was wrong with Horsea: he was suffering from DSTS (Deficient Screen-Time Syndrome). Actually, I'm pretty sure it must've hit all of Brock and Misty's Pokemon, but Horsea's a more sensitive soul than most.

    Okay, they got from Viridian to Cerulean in less than one ep? Dang, they made good time! And what happens to that in later seasons?

    Brock was clearly happy to meet Misty's ...
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  5. Beach Blank-Out Blastoise

    by , 2nd March 2012 at 09:27 AM
    Just outta curiosity, why did TPTB feel it necessary to start this ep with a recap of the last battle? It's not like it directly carried over into this ep. Just mentioning that it happened would've been enough.

    Considering how well Pokemon have communicated with each other over the course of the show, it's weird to see Pikachu have no idea what Wartortle was saying. Unless there are multiple Poke-languages/dialects that only certain species can understand, but I don't think we've ...
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