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Fighing Flyer With Fire

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So with Ash three badges behind compared to Kanto, we can finally see the inagural gym battle.

It's too bad TPTB didn't come up with more bad guys for Ash to battle; that way, they wouldn't have had to reuse the TRio in every single ep. Is hard to take things seriously when Our Gang battles the same half-wits over and over, and doubly so when said half-wits wear disquises that Stevie Wonder could see through.

And when the TRio stole Pikachu and outwitted Heracross, why didn't Ash call on Charizard? From the way he was talking, it was as if he had absolutely no options for rescuing Pika. Maybe it was just so there'd be a way to introduce Falkner, though I'm sure a better option was available.

Hey, a reference to Ash's Pidgeot! Not that we ever see it again, but it's better than some of Ash's old Pokes have gotten. *cough*Primeape*cough*

The rooftop battle arena made darn good sense for a Flying Pokemon specialist.

As for the battle...

Chikorita vs. Hoothoot: I wonder if Ash was simply trying to make a point about the Type Matchups switch not being the end-all, be-all in deciding a battle, but he tempted fate way too overtly.

Pikachu vs. Hoothoot: Smarter on Ash's part, and it made sense that Pikachu won.

Pikachu vs. Dodrio: Yeah, another Type Matchups win, but at least Pikachu had to work for it.

Pikachu vs. Pidgeot: Nice bit of realism that the last two rounds took enough of a toll on Pikachu for Pidgeot to win.

Charizard vs. Pidgeot: Nice to see Charizard strut his stuff, plus Ash got to show off his talent for turning his opponents' strategies against them. The only thing is that it was an example of Ash's Pokemon taking severe and extended punishment, only to turn it around for a quick victory in one or two strikes. (And it's only gotten worse.)

Next: The first time a girl gives Brock googly eyes.

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