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For Crying Out Loud

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So Brock started the ep all set to meet the girl of his dreams? Just like every day for the poor boy. (Countdown to Brock's heart being broken: T-21 min.)

I think this ep further established that Poke Balls can't be used to catch Pokemon that already have trainers (after the Season 1 Snorlax ep). And after Brock calmed down crybaby Marill twice, Misty was wondering why it was afraid of her. Gee, Misty, ya think it might be because you bonked the lil' guy in the head with a Poke Ball?

I won't even touch on the TRio's crappy disguises. And this was another instance when Charizard would've come in handy. Then again, Ash can't be too competent when reacting to emergencies, now can he?

Any surprise that Misty and Marill would end up stuck together, after such a bad start between the two? Yeah, it's a cliche, but it's not limited to Pokemon, so I'll cut TPTB some slack on that note. It's almost a surprise, though, that the rest of Our Gang didn't locate them sooner just from the racket.

Too bad Brock didn't take notes from this ep--reassuring the female CotD that he'd help her when she was in trouble was much more effective than some overenthusiastic pickup line.

The Beedrill attack was another instance in which Charizard could've easily saved the day. Between him and Brock's Vulpix, Our Gang could've burned through every Beedrill in the forest. (Then again, we've hardly seen any of Brock's Pokes since his return. Talk about underused.) Plus, considering how close proximity they all turned out to be, shouldn't it have been a lot easier to reunite everyone?

Apparently, no one told Our Gang that standing under a tree is one of the worst things to do in a lightning storm. (And we even saw a lightning bolt demolish a tree. Case in point.) Brock's little monologue while under the tree pretty much summed up his entire time on the show.

Speaking of reuniting, what the hell was Misty doing crossing that bridge instead of just backtracking? And is it a constant that whenever someone tries to cross a bridge, something bad always happens? At least the rest of Our Gang paid just enough attention to show up in the nick of time. (Though I wonder why everyone's so scared of falling? All you do is create a human-shaped impact crater. The injuries you'll suffer are pretty much self-healing.)

Once again, the TRio should never engage Our Gang in a straight-up battle. They'll just end up sucking.

So, at the end, why was Misty so shy about admitting that she liked Marill after all? It was a Water Pokemon, and everyine knows about Misty's feelings in that regard.

Next: Togepi and Sentret's Excellent Adventure.

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