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The Bridge Bike Gang

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by , 5th February 2012 at 07:04 AM (210 Views)
See, now here's another reason why the last ep shouldn't have been banned. The narrator started this ep by talking about Our Gang's "fond memories of the Safari Zone." When I first saw that, I thought, "What memories?" The previous two eps that did air had Our Gang in pokemon preserves and not the SZ itself. This is another way TPTB piss me off: not only do they do stupid things, but they assume we the viewers are too stupid to notice.

This ep featured the first mention of Misty's bike since "Ash Catches a Pokemon." I wonder how many fans had almost forgotten about the bike.

Why did Ash bother asking if Joy Clone #8 was related to Joy Clone #7? They're all clones, Ash! Enough!

Awww, Pika got a mini can to drink from.

Okay, somehow the words "bicycle" and "gang" just don't work in a sentence. And is it just me, or did one of the cyclists look like an extra from Grease?

Apparently TPTB turned the Type Matchups switch to "off," since Rock-Ground Golem wasn't hurt at all by a Grass-type Vine Whip, but was almost melted by fire. Although it was funny to see the Goodness Gracious Great Ball Of Fire ignite three bikers' butts. Not to mention Hair Boy trying to hold a superheated Poke Ball.

And speaking of funny, Psyduck's "battle" against Cloyster hit just the right comic relief note. I was definitely chuckling when he was shaking his booty as if it were accomplishing anything. And nice continuity from "The Ninja Poke-Showdown," only this time the goofball didn't save the day.

So J&J were in the gang at one point, huh? Nice bit of backstory, though it's weird to hear someone remembering them in a positive light. And based on their ages, I'm guessing J&J predated Hair Boy in the gang.

So Jenny Clone #9 showed up just in time to scare the bike gang away, but then got called away before she could do anything else. Can't let the police force be too useful, eh?

Leave it to Ash to go Dukes of Hazzard on the drawbridge. And in a storm, no less. Of course, it was the need to help a sick Pokemon that drove his ego to write a check his body almost didn't cash, rather than daredevil bravado. And the spine he showed in dealing with the gang in Round 2 was impressive. That's the Ash I like to see.

Don't blink, or you might miss Joy Clone #9. Talk about a two-for-one.

Overall, I'd say this ep worked better than it probably should have. The only thing missing was seeing Ash and Hair Boy battle while still riding their bikes. Hey, Gold did that with Whitney in the manga, so why not Ash?

Next: Pokemon meets The Master of Disguise, minus Dana Carvey.

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