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A Bout With Sprout

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So Ash finally made it to the city with the first gym. To put this in perspective, about this time in Kanto, Ash was in position to win his third badge.

I guess little kids don't automatically know that nearly tearing an animal apart isn't a good way to endear said animal to themselves. (I'd also like to say that the look on Ash's face as Brock was repeatedly patting him on the head in front of Miss Priscilla was priceless.)

Yikes! Earl did not look good in that manitard. And what exactly was that stupid accent supposed to be? Oh, and Brock should never be allowed to wear that costume ever again.

Well, here's one aspect of Ash's character that's remained consistent, and that is that he's no good in a classroom, either teaching or listening to the teacher. And any surprise that the kid who almost pulled Pikachu's ears off was the troublemaker?

And speaking of Brat Boy, did he seriously think he of all people could get Pikachu to deep-six Ash? I'm guessing Miss Priscilla didn't get to the lesson on trainer ethics.

At this point in the anime, I'n not sure if TPTB had established that you can't use a Poke Ball to catch a Pokemon that already had a trainer. Not that it really matters--if you watch the scene where Brat Boy thought he caught Pikachu, you'll see that the Poke Ball landed well behind the lagomouse.

"I choose you, Pika...sprout?" Well, that's one way to spoil an otherwise dramatic moment.

Hey, the voice megaphones from "The Case of the K-9 Caper" came back. Score one for continuity. And notice that even though Meowth could change his voice, he couldn't disguise that accent. Still, I would've thought that Pikachu would've caught on sooner.

So the main support beam of the Sprout Tower swayed back and forth? I never read about anything like that in any of my classes. I won't even delve into all the potential engineering issues.

Now I'm thinking that the TRio get all their Transformers from hammerspace. It's the only way they could've gotten that rocket without ever leaving the tower. (And yes, they did comment on how appropriate the rocket was for Team Rocket.)

Ash's "There's nothing wrong with being a sprout" attitude was a vast improvement from "Challenge of the Samurai," where the word "novice" was treated as the worst kind of insult. And speaking of sprouts, I guess the fact that no one there expected Bellsprout to be the hero (or possibly even noticed it at all) made its surprise attack plausible.

Good thing Brat Boy was too young to know he was a CotD, and therefore destined to never return. Let him keep living the dream.

Next: Pokemon meets Dogfights.

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  1. Force Fire's Avatar
    You shouldn't be doing reviews at a time like this XP Hyped as hell
  2. Missingno. Master's Avatar
    First time I saw this episode, I actually thought the kid had caught Pikachu. My thought process was something like, Ash hasn't used Pikachu's Poké Ball for over a hundred episodes, maybe it stopped working or something, and would allow Pikachu to be recaught. Of course, the first or second episode in Sinnoh was enough to disprove this.


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