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Beach Blank-Out Blastoise

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by , 2nd March 2012 at 09:27 AM (278 Views)
Just outta curiosity, why did TPTB feel it necessary to start this ep with a recap of the last battle? It's not like it directly carried over into this ep. Just mentioning that it happened would've been enough.

Considering how well Pokemon have communicated with each other over the course of the show, it's weird to see Pikachu have no idea what Wartortle was saying. Unless there are multiple Poke-languages/dialects that only certain species can understand, but I don't think we've seen any other evidence of that.

The Squirtle Squad Shades are back! It looks like the rules...just got screwed.

I don't recall the show being very consistent on whether Turtle Pokemon withdraw into their shells when they sleep. This time they did, which would make sense given how vulnerable a sleeping Pokemon would be otherwise.

So Ash fell asleep as soon as he got close to Blastoise. And then Squirtle did the same thing. At least Misty and Brock had enough sense not to follow suit. And as a side note, how did the Pikabolt wake up Ash and all the mini-turtles but miss Blastoise?

Music + falling asleep...naturally, Misty and Brock seemed to figure it out before Ash did.

For all the noise Our Gang made about their big wake-up plan, they really didn't do squat to rouse Blastoise.

So how did Jigglypuff get stuck in Blastoise's cannon? And why did she still feel like singing, unless that was her idea of a distress call? It also suggests that at least a few days took place since last ep. I guess Our Gang decided to play tourist after all.

Maybe the TRio should just start with Plan B. For that matter, maybe everyone in every show/movie should do the same, since Plan A never seems to work.

I guess being the former leader of the Teenage Mutant Ninja Squirtles gives Ash's Squirtle his leadership charisma. And as for the sunglasses comment, I read in Thomas Smithurst's column on Pokemon Personalities that a Pokemon with any sort of clothing (sunglasses included) would give a Pokemon authority over others, like a uniform does in human societies.

Leave it to Jessie to have no gratitude to Our Gang for being magnanimous enough to save their enemies. James, maybe, since he's a softie at heart.

So witht he Gyarasub running around the island terrorizing the turtles, why didn't Brock bring out Onix? His Pokemon are seriously underused.

After Blastoise launched the TRio into the ozone layer, the one Our Gang worried about was Jigglypuff. Screw the TRio--we already saved them once, and they still attacked us. Serves 'em right.

Just outta curiosity--how much ink does that Sharpie have? And is there a Staples around for Jiggly to get a new one?

Next: Misty as The Little Mermaid.

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