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shipping and favorite characters

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by , 28th June 2010 at 02:34 AM (226 Views)
decide to post my shipping list and favorite pokemon/character list

Bold means I see them as friend only.

Mira related shipping

Cheekyshippin Max z Mira (It my OTP)
Warpshipping Mira x Abra
Friendshipshipping Mira x Sandshrew
Abra/kadabra/Alakzam x Mira
Mira x Her friend 1 x her friend 2 (It my OT3 (One true threesome.)
Mira x her friend 1
Mira x her friend 2
Mira x her friend 1 x her friend 2 x Sandshrew.

Mira x Marley
Waywardshipping Mira x Dawn

Mira x Lucas
Mira x Buck
Hairwingsshipping Mira x Cresselia
Mira x Shaymin (forgot the name.)
Mira x Mespirt
Mira x proof
AvidFanshipping Proof (Moive 13) x casey (Jhoto)

Other shippings

Pearlshipping Ash x Dawn
Ikarishipping Dawn x Paul
Pikachu x Bumeary
Buck x Marley
Dawn x salvia (DP176)
and that about it I had other but I lsot interest over time. bold mean I can only see then as best friends though.


1 Mira
2 proof
3 Salvia
4 Ursala
5 Mami (DP178)

1 Max
2 Silver (games)
3 Silver (Manga)

1 Espeon
2 Alakazam
3 Zoruaka
4 Togekiss
5 Zorua

well their my lists sorry if there spelling errors.

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