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my thoughts on the DP anime

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ok i got pressim to do this and sorry to those that don't like it but this is imo so be warn u may not like or agree with me on this and i respect that so please repect my thought

well DP wasn't what i call "great," before you say why it because of A) screen time B) plot holes C) Not living up to they say D) Movies

A) screen time

some people will agree DP handle screen time great but imo no it wasn't, one of ash pokemon never got a win! yes torterra, after evolve it was only use mostly for TR and the odd battle here and there. i don't like the guy but it would be nice to see.

Stat trainer not name Cheryl

ahhh poor Mira, Marley, Riley and Buck. Riley got two but his second episode didn't feel like he was there imo and more pointed to TG, theses guy need a few more episode. (Before u go "U just wanted Mira in more episode" i don't she got a great episode. Even with the small unanswered question. i judge a saga by screen time and if they live up to what they say. u give Cheryl 2/3 episodes (i don't really include the second Cheryl episode as it more to the 2nd gym leader and again didn't feel she was there.) u give the other the same, i don't care if she was main you give character fair screen time.


poor crasher wake, u miss out getting a 3rd episode while other got 4-7 episode while Bryon got 2- 3 i believe, again equal time for all character, and E4 well each got one episode worth (Flint sharing his with Volkner and Jasmine)

Frontier brain

ahh yes i love the BF, but image my shock when best wish was revealed. they hinted it with Palmer and Pluto (we all know Pluto would e at shark mountain were the BF is. not cool, i know BW anime was around the corner, they could have just push it back till after BF was over. i have no problem with BW anime though.

Brock, Torterra. enough said

honorable mention to Max and to small accent Mitsy, the later getting a mention because of her lure.

so imo DP anime was good in screen time till hearthome city so i give it 3.5 out of 10

B) plot holes

ah plot holes let see

WTF happen to PLUTO???? really wtf happen to him
there are minor plot holes related to some CotD episodes but those aren't important compare to wtf happen to Pluto?

on this i give them 7.5 out of ten

C) Not living up to they say

well again WHAT happen to Pluto? he didn't get caught nor died like J.

yes they hinted imo with Palmer when they could just say battle tower master.

I disappointing with some from the movie but i get to that later. for now 3.5 out of 10

D) Movies

10 great movie imo though can't find anything wrong.

11 again great movie

12 well dissapointed, they hint at a epic battle, it wasn't epic, Daliaga never did anything after sending the group back due to weaken but i was hoping for a long epic battle,never the less, good movie

13 from what i heard it not good but once i seen the movie i judge and edited.

well that it hope u can understand my thought and sorry if they offend u and please forgive me, i respect your so please respect my

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