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my decision

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by , 3rd June 2010 at 03:09 AM (992 Views)
I made my decision I going to get a PS3.

after month of debate with myself and researching I desiding that I if I going to play the games I like then I might as well get a PS3.

though now I got to make roon, and the downside is I got make room, well the old magazines are going to go for a start. some are near had it lol.

anyway I going to get Final fantasy XIII for my first game, Ummm I remember the first day i got my PS2, got FFX and FFX2 with it.

some of the games I want for it are

Naruto something.
FF series

anyway I been playing FFXII and this time not fooling around on it. so far I just got past that tomb part, my level at that point are

Van, Fran 15
Bathler 14
everyone else 16

I wonder who should I give the first esper to? though Basch has he three Quicking follow by Penlo on two, maybe Fran?

this quote is funny

I think that what it was.

till next time

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  1. System Error's Avatar
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    Good PS3 games you may want to consider:

    - Aliens VS. Predator
    - Demon's Souls
    - God of War III
    - InFamous
    - GTA IV
    - LittleBigPlanet
    - ModNation Racers
    - Red Dead Redemption
    - Uncharted
    - Uncharted 2
  2. darklord18's Avatar
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    sight problem

    One I have a blood and guts polbia, 2 most of those game I find bored or pointless imo, though they may be good to you but to me I prefer ones like FF and kingdom hearts and Naruto. thanks for the thought though
  3. Tomoki's Avatar
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    Nice choice there , I just recently got one as well . But the only game I have for it atm is ModernWarfare 2 but lol I am not like those modernwarfare fanboys. But I am planning on getting some games in the summer.
  4. darklord18's Avatar
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    yeah I waiting for the new Naruto game that coming out in september but also KH BBS coming out at the same time so yeah.


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