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I just brought a game from Japan I am importing to play on the PS3

thank Acruse they decide to remove the Region lock on most Console (Wii the only one I still think use it)

Just I a tales fan and from were I am you have to be lucky to get any of the series game here (even luckier for them to be release outside Japan in the first place)

so I looking forward to playing Tales of Vesperia when i get it

anyway if they make a upgard to the wii and give it Region free then I be in heavin.

am I the only one that get annoy when they release a game and don't release it here even when it sell good in the area it was made? (Tales fan would agree with me on this)

also I thinking of buying TotW RM on PSP which mean i have to improt it from Japan.

also playing FFXIII alot and Platinum.

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