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dose anyone know this show

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You see, I remember this kid's show:

This one boy was about 8-12 years old, had black or brown hair, rarely talked, and always wore overalls and roller skates.

In one episode, he was visiting his mom or some lady at the shops and she told him he can look around, but only if he stayed out of trouble. He found a big box and when he looked in, he fell into the box. That's all I remember from that episode.

In another episode, his family is going to see a show and he loses his ticket. He finds one that he thinks can get him in to the show and get him the toy remote-controlled car. The guard doesn't let him in, so he sneaks in but gets caught. While he is trying to make a run for it, he becomes part of the show, trying to get away from the guy chasing him. After that he gets his toy control car.

I remember it around when I was 4-8 years old (1993-1997)

That’s all I remember, but any help in identifying this show would be greatly appreciated. thank you

just I remeber this from my childhood but cant put a name to it thanks again for any help

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  1. Girly Princess's Avatar
    I have no idea. Was it on ABC Kids?


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