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Life and the State of Living

  1. The Silver Lining to Having a Cold

    You can have a pile of sticky kleenexes on the ground beside your bed and nobody will question you.


    As you were.
  2. Lanette is My Spirit Animal

    With the way the school schedules are set up, younger kids must leave for school before high and middle school kids. Because of this, nobody is really home to watch over my little sisters, so they go over to my grandparents' house (which is a 15 minute drive away).

    My grandpa is an ass. Pure and simple.
    He tries to screw us over every chance we get because he doesn't like us. The other day, we borrowed his car because ours is breaking down and my mom had a 4-hour driving trip ...
  3. Death Threats, and I Need a License

    Riding the bus home, I overheard two high school students talking, when suddenly one brings up that they "need" an "all-white community, no Indians, no Asians, no Mexicans (etc.)." The second student points out that there should be some exceptions, to which the first steadfastly denied.

    After this, I got up and moved to a seat closer to the front of the bus. I should've spoken up, but...I really doubt it would've done anything. Some people are just too ignorant. ...

    School starts back up this Monday. For those who don't know, I absolutely love my school. It's an open, charter school (look it up, they're wonderful), so that's why.

    Now, when I joined it last year, they held a welcoming thing in the nearby church (because we don't have funds for a building that large enough), where new students could watch the teachers and returning students be absolutely crazy. I, being a complete social introvert, just sat in the little obscure corner near the piano ...

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    A Report of Solemn Intent , Life and the State of Living
  5. We Were Robbed

    My mom works at one of the local churches for its soup kitchen. She was preparing Friday's meal when a man showed up asking for help and food. She, of course, agreed to help him.

    When she was getting food for him, he snuck off to where my mom kept her purse and stole $40 and a bottle of high-grade pain pills (my mom suffers from leukemia, so she often needs those pills to get through the day). Afterwards, he took the food my mom prepared for him and left.

    After she ...
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