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WHY Are All The Zelda Villains Such...FREAKS???

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With the exception of Ganondorf and Vaati. Ganondorf is just Ganondorf, and Vaati is...<3 I love Vaati...

But really, there's certain baddies in the series that creep me out, mainly the following. Watch as I explain.

First, I find Chancellor Cole from Spirit Tracks very creepy.

^ Really, just look at that. I mean, just listen to his theme and tell me that's NOT creepy.

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CMD8dd0xPHk The final boss theme(first part) is actually somewhat of a remix of this. It reminds me of Majora's Mask's theme...

Speaking of which...

HA! You guys thought I was gonna say Majora, weren't you??? Actually, Majora doesn't creep me out as much as Oni Link. He isn't TECHNICALLY a villain, though. Or so we think. Really, his name(Oni Link)translates out to "Ogre Demon". Tell me that isn't creepy. We are given NO backstory on this guy and the mask is just given to us by
Majora even said "I'll be the good guy, and you be the bad guy." That's gotta count for something. While awesome, Oni still creeps me out.

And of course this freak.

Ah God, ZANT. He creeps the CRAP out of me. He's just such a freak the whole game, and...well, when you fight him...ugh. Probably one of the most mentally disturbing bosses ever. Not nearly on par with Giygas, but...on a scale of one to Giygas, he's about a four or five.

That so proves Zelda is born of freaks, made of freaks, and will die of freaks. Really, anyone else noticed Link wears a skirt???

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  1. X Dragoon's Avatar
    Zant's spazzy fighting tactics.......annoying fight, but he was somewhat fun to fight.
  2. $aturn¥oshi's Avatar
    Fierce Deity Link is awesome. Should have been an alternate costume for Link in Brawl. Even without the Helix Sword.
  3. Dan's Avatar
    I like Chancellor Cole. As if you could hide two horns under two hats and no one would notice
  4. Mijzelffan's Avatar
    Well Bellum is awesome. He's a giant squid, probably without even that big a brain, and still he manages to do so much damage.
  5. ashfangirl's Avatar
    Which is why Bellum was not on here. I luff him too.
  6. Jabberwocky's Avatar
    Link doesn't wear a skirt! It's... it's more like a kilt!


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