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  1. Animepalooza

    Ok, i love watching anime movies. Here's the ones i've seen:

    Pokemon: The First Movie
    Pokemon 2000: The Power Of One
    Pokemon 3: Spell Of The Unknown
    Pokemon 4Ever: Celebi, The Voice Of The Forest
    Pokemon Heroes: Latios And Latias
    Pokemon: Jirachi Wishmaker
    Pokemon: Destiny Deoxys
    Pokemon: Lucario And The Mystery Of Mew
    Pokemon Ranger And The Temple Of The Sea
    Pokemon: The Rise Of Darkrai
    Pokemon: Giratina And The ...
  2. Life Of Me: The Story Of My Weird Self

    Back with day 2 after like 3 years.

    I started watching Death Note and it's pretty good. My friend is a huge L fangirl.

    Moving on.........

    I got my new issue of Nintendo Power the other day and it said Platinum was coming out soon, so I'm all excited.

    Tomorrow is Ash Wednesday :)

    The end

    it was short

    i don't feel like talking.

    I'm going to eat waffles now.
  3. Animepalooza

    Anime is so awesome isn't it?

    All of the animes i've ever seen are on this list in order of how good they are

    Lucky Star
    Avatar:The Last Airbender
    School Days
    Sonic X(not that bad, really....)
    Kirby: Right Back At Ya!(also not that bad..stupid,but not that bad....)
    Blue Dragon
    Fruits Basket
    Pucca(weird, assuming disney actually made an anime.)
    Zatch Bell ...
  4. Life Of Me: The Story Of My Weird Self

    Day 1:

    Okay, well, I'm new to this site and everything, having just come from the Pokemon Elite 2000 forums. Forums are, well, my thing. I also love blogs. So this happened.

    Okay, well, I'll admit I'm weird and if you're reading this, good for u, cuz u know XD. Anyway, what matters most in my life are Ash, Pikachu, and Anime.

    I'm head over heels in love with Ash Ketchum. Just so you know. Okay, well, I'm actually in love for a bunch of reasons. He's really, ...
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