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Should I import? - UPDATE!

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Heart Gold, Soul Silver. The return to Johto, my home region... I am extremely happy about these remakes!

With my excitement, I am extremely tempted to import a Japanese copy of Soul Silver... But, I'm not totally sure if I should...

So, BMGf, I write this blog post, looking for comments... What do you think I should do? Should I import Soul Silver, or just wait for the English release and get Heart Gold?


Well, I made my choice few days before this update. I've pre-ordered it. So... Yeah... Yay me, or something...

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Updated 15th August 2009 at 09:48 PM by Kogoro (OMGZ UPDATE?!)



  1. Naya Rivera's Avatar
    Depends if you know Japanese then get it. But if you really want them get them they just have some minor differences is all. But if you wanna make TTE less cool, do it! But either way it's your choice and you'd get to play the game bfore the US gets it xD.
  2. TTEchidna's Avatar
    I'm gonna import it.

    But we can't have EVERYONE doing so. It'd make me less cool.
  3. Darkeiya's Avatar


  4. MAGNEDETH's Avatar
    i dont understand why people feel the need to pay money to import a game they dont understand. so i say no. as far a japanese game goes, youre better off with a ROM.
  5. X Dragoon's Avatar
    Well, if you don't know Japanese, it's almost unplayable. Besides, it won't be out till Fall in Japan....and I'm going to guess it'll be early 2010 for a worldwide release....
  6. Tina's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by FE 6X
    Well, if you don't know Japanese, it's almost unplayable.
    Not really...

    I knew pretty much no Japanese when I got Platinum (very, very very little Japanese.. hell, I spelled Tina wrong when I started the game) but I got through the game perfectly fine. Then again, I'm perfectly okay with working through things blindly... which I haven't seen anybody else have their mind work similarly to mine. Not. Once.

    .If you feel like you can get through a game semi-blindly or know Japanese, go for it! It'd be useful info for the wiki, too. ^__^
  7. Maverick Nate's Avatar
    Wait it off! you don't need two of the same game, with one in a language you don't understand. Buy one in English and that's it
  8. Æsahættr's Avatar
    I think I'll be importing from the US to shrug off that annoying 2 month delay.

    But from Japan? I know I'd just end up getting the english version as well, and I don't wanna buy 2 copies
  9. Dan's Avatar
    Don't import it. If you really want to play it get a ROM or jus wait.
  10. Zephy's Avatar
    Just wait. If you don't know Japanese you'll lose a bit of the fun. Plus, it probably won't take too long after.
  11. Trainer-c's Avatar
    I'm good with waiting for the English release. But then, I am pretty patient. So it really depends on if you are willing to wait the 6 or so months after the Japanese release.
  12. Blazevoir's Avatar
    I'm hoping to do this, too. Import one from Japan, buy the other when it comes out in English. You don't really need to understand Japanese to play. The only thing you miss out on are the boring walls of text spat out by NPCs that I don't care about anyway.

    Plus it's an added bonus if it makes TTE less cool.
  13. Turtle Tamer Kammy's Avatar
    I might import. I want to so bad D: Except I hear it's prety expensive and I dunno that I can justify spending 60-70 bucks on a game. :<
  14. YoshiSage's Avatar
    You should import. Import SS and get English HG, or vice versa.
  15. Galactic Grunt ♀'s Avatar
    Keke. Import it~! If you know bits of Japanese, that's great, you don't miss much! Yet, being that I've personally played several Japanese Pokémon games, you don't miss much without Japanese. And two pluses of not knowing Japanese with an imported game: you learn some Japanese, and you also get an added challenge to the game!

    Technically, if you get Japanese SoulSilver, and English HeartGold, you aren't getting the same game, bweh. XD

    Though, the prices are quite high...


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