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Tiny Shiny Challenge, Battle Log.

  1. Wi-Fi Status - November 22, 2008

    Still lacking Wi-Fi... Feel free to challenge, but I won't be able to accept & battle until I actually get Wi-Fi, or manage to get a friend to let me use theirs...

    - Kogoro
  2. Tiny Shiny Challenge


    This is the first blog post for my Tiny Shiny Challenge. A small battle challenge I have open to any user of Bulbapedia, or the forums! All entries in this category will be about the challenge. Including results, updates, and current Wi-Fi status.

    If you wish to take part in the challenge, please drop me a PM with the title, Tiny Shiny Challenge - Challenger Awaiting. But first, you may want to read on!

    • Single Battle, 6

    Updated 22nd November 2008 at 07:06 PM by Kogoro (Small fix, guess I should be a little more detailed...)