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I'm gonna write a massive novel!

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by , 29th September 2008 at 10:47 AM (414 Views)
It's gonna be bigger and better than The Da Vinci Code and Harry Potter put together!


And there has to be an amazing finish.

Like they all go back to USA, Bin Laden gets captured, there is a lawsuit, conflict is resolved, some character figures everything is resolved.

So I wanted to elaborate a bit on that and I was thinking that there should be a trial with overwhelming evidence for a guilty verdict, but because the case is so controversial and people don't want to convict, it's a not guilty verdict instead, and the people are outraged. There should also be many run on sentences.

I think I might do it about someone who escapes from prison, and the novel is about how intelligent his escape is and how they were going to let him free. there should be two parts which run through - the escape of the prisoner, and this policeman guy who has a stressed life. then the final chapter is when they meet and they have an emotional exchange, and they both die together in an emotional death. the prisoner also might wanted to have escaped just so he could see his mum again.

The novel would also have a cultural element and an exploration through prison, it would be factually accurate on prison and law, and it should begin with a bang through the court case and introduces both main characters.

sounds better than my 9/11 mouth of madness thriller idea.

It should also be about a sports team overcoming the odds. The prisoner can join a sports team! And also someone should probably have cancer. An underdog sports team made of former prisoners has to overcome the odds to fulfilling the last wish of their coach who has cancer.


And where does the cop come into play?

The coach was a former cop. He started the team to help the former prisoners turn their lives around. He also is a single parent of a four year old boy who wants to grow up to be just like him. And in the end the cop/coach dies and the main prisoner gets out of prison and adopts the boy.

Aw yeah!

The main prisoner is the best football player they have (obviously the sport has to be football... Should not even have to explain this) but he doesn't want to play, because he's too jaded to the world and anti-social but the love between the cop and his son shows him there is good in people, and finally during a big game, he comes out right when he is needed and wins it for them. Him, the cop, and his son celebrate in the hospital room.

This'd be a much better movie than a book.

I can play the little boy!

The child must have telekinesis. No, wait. This is a story about the human heart and the triumph over adversity, not some scientific work of fiction.

No, The book has to come first so they can say "based off the best selling novel" in the preview.

Now we need a name for the football team.

The Revolution!


The main prisoner is the son of the cop who has cancer. He is jailed throughout the novel with complete isolation from society. He goes insane. However, when there is the final match, he finally pulls his senses together and he escapes from prison in the most intelligent way possible, and plots it mastermindly. However, he just wants to escape from prison so he can be with his dad, the policeman, and play the sport once again.

Then, with his jail escape, they win the game but then they notice he is a prisoner. He has been convicted of a murder he didn't do, he only injured the victim and then he died because of someone else. The policemen come to get him and throw him back into prison, and then the policeman, who is cleansed at heart, shoots the other guy who has come to arrest him and throw him into prison. This is an extraordinary risk he has taken for his son, and it shows he loves his son more than the police force he has been obliged too.

Then, the before last chapter is the most emotional thing in the world. The policeman and sport coach begins to die of cancer, and then the policeman tells him he loves him and is sorry for his crime, his lack of faith in his father. they hug, the policeman really puts his heart into every word he says to his father. the father gives a solemn speech, an ages long speech in a kind of poetic way. Then he dies, and his son cries, and cries, and cries.

The last chapter is a resolve chapter. there is another court case, and the son is given a better lawyer to testify for him. The court case features one of the prisoners coming forward, who was on the sports team, pleading guilty to killing the man who the guy got arrested for killing. Then his sentence is over, and he is free from prison. Throughout the novel, there was a sweet little girl who was hinted as being neglected and not having a true father. The prisoner adopts her, and he teaches her sport and he loves her more than anyone in the world.


The star player has been in jail his whole life for stealing. He had bad parents and it was his only way to survive, and he's been in and out of jails since he was Eleven. he gets paroled right before the championship game (the big game he first saves the day in is held in the prison so he can go), one of the parole people is an old white guy who likes football. He's turned his life around thanks to the team so they are paroling him, and at the end of the hearing the white guy is like, "I only have one more condition to grant this parole" and the guys are like, "Yes, sir...?"

Then it closes up on him, "you give 'em hell out on that field, son."


Then you go to the game scene.

Except it's not, "yes, sir!"

It's, "yes," and then there is an emotional pause that will capture the hearts of millions, and he says, "yes dad."

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    American football or soccer?
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    A mixture of the two.


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