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Pokemon is a word

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Turns out though a lot of people have probably noticed this already, that Word 2007 actually has the word Pokemon in the dictionary, if you put it without the accent it fixes it immediately.

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  1. Dr. GM's Avatar
    So no-accent-Pokemon is a word? What's its definition?
  2. Steven's Avatar
    I just tried it in MS Word 2010, and apparently, they've removed it from the dictionary since 2007.
  3. $aturn¥oshi's Avatar
    Are you sure you didn't add it in yourself?
  4. Flaze's Avatar
    I'm sure, I'm using a laptop I don't know how to add it from the laptop.
  5. Steven's Avatar
    If you use a word enough, one the dictionary doesn't recognize, it may incorporate it into the system eventually.
  6. Flaze's Avatar
    Oh...nevermind then XD


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