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Nuzlocke part 3: The hard woods and The first gym battle

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-After I kicked Goofy's ass again, I decided to heal my Pokemon before heading out and training Instrutil again.

-Caterpie get, named it Appolo

-Grinded Instrutil before I went into Viridan Forest (it doesn't sound so creepy when you think about it)

-Kakuna get, named it SoonKun, I didn't want to lose space with the -

-Weedle get, named it Niknak

-I started fighting against Bug Catchers, I don't remember the name so I'll just number the guys

-Bug Catcher number 1 was easy, Feliciano blew all of his bugs away, then he said something about a Caterpie hacking something, I didn't mind too much

-I don't remember what number 2 said but he was just weird to me so I just took away his money and pride and left

-Okay number 3, if you want me to not go easy then it's your funeral

-Instrutil takes down his poor little Weedle, while DCM chopes his Metapod up, no matter how hard it had gotten it wasn't hard enough (no pun intended)

-I met another bug catcher, he was taking a piss on the trees and tried to change the subject to something else, but since I was just caring about him not getting to close I didn't mind.

-HiPS took down his team with one sweep of his tail

-Pikachu get named it Ryuu

-I killed the last bug catcher before he could even see me, I didn't have time to pay attention to what he said.


-Hey, aren't cities supposed to be biggers, three houses, a gym a flower patch and a museum, what kind of city is this!

-I healed my Pokemon and went to the gym, some fat guy told me that Brock was their best trainer, so I went to see if he had the rocks to take me on

-Hey, four eyes, you better not be challenging the gym too, because I call dibs.

-I don't dream of being the champion, I am the champion...I just you know, don't have the badges.

-All right, I'm supposed to assume that a guy that isn't a trainer can help me out, all right I'll give you a chance to be my lowly servant.

-The lowly servant wasn't so useful, since he told me things I already knew. Anyways, before I could get to Brock I had to go through his little bitch first.

-Apparently this Liam doesn't know light years are measure in distance, he'll know once I'm done

-Instrutil finished Geodude, but Sandshrew was beginning to piss me off

-HiPS took on Sandshrew and almost lost his HP

-Ember that shit HiPS

-AWESOME, good work HiPS, now to heal you and take that son of a bitch Brock.

-Let's go Brock, show me you're stronger than your weak anime counterpart

-I mistakenly put DCM first and it got hit by Geodude's tackle, freaking critical hit almost killed DCM.

-Don't worry DCM, Instrutil will go in

-DAMN IT, I didn't raise Instrutil's level high enough and he didn't do much damage.

-All right HiPS, it's your time to shine

-Metal Claw that thing to hell HiPS

-Geodude goes down after a few claws, stupid defense curl

-Onix comes in and uses Rock Tomb

-One HP left, don't worry we have two Potions, I use potion on HiPS

-Onix uses bind

-Oh no, it's Rock Tomb again...wait he missed, IN YOUR FACE BROCK


-You the man HiPS you're cooler than Chuck Norris...maybe.

-Boulder Badge get! as well as Rock Tomb


Gender: Male
Level 14
Attacks: Scratch, Growl, Ember, Metal Claw

Gender: Female
Level: 10
Attacks: Tackle, Sand-Attack, Gust

Gender: Male
Attacks: Tackle, Tail Whip, Quick Attack

Gender: Male
Level: 10
Attacks: Scratch, Leer, Low Kick

Gender: Male
Level: 5
Attacks: Tackle, String Shot

Gender: Male
Level: 5
Attacks: Thundershock I forgot to check the other attacks


Level: 5
Attacks: Harden

Level: 4
Attacks: String Shot, Poison Sting

Next time, Appolo and Ryuu will get some training and I'll find out I'm more of a ladies man than I thought

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  2. Ranger Jack Walker's Avatar
    Name something Jackie!

    Are playing as a guy or a girl?

    Either way, beware. You are about to enter 10 year old slut/10 year old leasbian route.
  3. Flaze's Avatar
    I'm a boy that's why I put that last line there, though thinking back at it I should played a girl.

    Don't worry, I already have a reserved Pokemon for you, though I'll need to grind a lot.


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