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New Puppy

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by , 5th August 2012 at 11:22 AM (331 Views)
So about ten minutes ago my mom and dad came in with the new dog we've been trying to get for like four months. Her name's missy and she's so small it's just a cute sight.

That being said the last time I had a dog I was 7 and I never did learn to take care of him, so this time I actually have to help out...sadly I got the worst possible job, poop scooper.
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  1. Lalonde's Avatar
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    Awww! Your so lucky! What kinda dog is it?
  2. Flaze's Avatar
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    It's like a mix between a terrier and a poodle and she's got a brown spot on her forehead.
  3. tyler212's Avatar
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    Your going to need to stock up on plastic bags.


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