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Crap about me

  1. I'm just so original...

    by , 10th May 2011 at 09:16 PM (Crap about me)
    That I'll talk about bullying just like every other person in this place is doing at the moment, though I know no one's even gonna reply to this.

    Anyway, I wasn't the freak and I wasn't exactly the guy who got off with little bullying either. You see as I kid I was always the tallest of my class but my problem is I'm also the type that doesn't want to stand out, kind of hypocritical I do want to but not at the same time, anyway because of that I would usually do things to try and not ...
  2. learning to use computer

    by , 1st April 2011 at 09:34 AM (Crap about me)
    my brother is always on the computer, i don't know why he doesnt wan to play ball wit me anymoar so im trying to learn how to use this, but i cantz read yet sinse im 4 so my cousin whos seven an can read is heping me.

    typing really stinks tatz it im gona go watc cartoons.

    (PS: I love this April Fools joke XD)
  3. Too tired for it.

    by , 4th March 2011 at 10:09 PM (Crap about me)
    So, I keep having some problems with these three girls, they all hang out too go figure. Thing is, it seems like they don't like me but, they don't have an actual reason, I haven't done anything bad to them, in fact if all I always do nice things for them and yet all I get is scolding and them making fun of me as if I was the one who started it all, yeah not even as in the "I'm better than you" style, more like if they were trying to get back at me for something.

    I just don't ...
  4. Valentine #16

    by , 14th February 2011 at 06:30 PM (Crap about me)
    Yep, I'm sixteen years old hence the number on the title but let's forget things known as numbers and stuff.

    Anyways, in sixteen years I haven't spend a single valentines day with someone, the longest relationship I've been in was six months and even then we broke off before valentines, which sucked honestly.

    This time I'm really spending valentine's alone my dad took my mom to some tour around the city's best romantic spots, even dinner at one of the best restaurants too....okay ...
  5. This is gonna be long

    by , 17th January 2011 at 01:44 PM (Crap about me)
    1. Okay lets Start with the basics! Name?

    Ellery (don't ask or I'll kill you, it comes from some British actor my grandma used to crush on)

    2. Birthdate and age at time of doing this?

    June 3 1994. 16

    3. Eye Color?


    4. Hair color?

    Black like coal

    5. Describe yourself in eight words or less

    Inpatient selfless idiot who needs a new cellphone

    6. Do you have a boyfriend/girlfriend ...
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