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Crap about me

  1. Join my new fanclub (finally

    by , 6th February 2012 at 05:04 PM (Crap about me)
    Well yes I'm doing it but there's a big difference my fan club was made today so obviously it needs some members xD

  2. Literally skipped a beep

    by , 26th January 2012 at 12:01 PM (Crap about me)
    So the strangest thing happened today while I was buying breakfast as I waited for my classes to begin. There was this girl standing a few inches away from me and she was also waiting for her order. But the strangest thing happened when I looked at her my body started to feel all tingly and my heart felt weird, it went off after a while but I wasn't able to think of anything to tell her I tried to open the door for her as a way to at least talking to her but some guy that was at the door opened ...
  3. Time for goodbyes

    by , 17th January 2012 at 09:42 PM (Crap about me)
    No I'm not leaving but Bulbagarden will be down tomorrow and unlike all those days where I didn't know why I now know and I just want to say goodbye until it's back off.

    ...no there's no sarcastic comment this time guys.
  4. Another way to take it

    by , 16th January 2012 at 09:44 PM (Crap about me)
    You know how in TV and sometimes in life you're talking to your mother about doing something that everyone is doing and she gives you the line "if they were going to jump off a bridge would you do it?" now I want to turn that around.

    So apparently we have to be original and do the things that no one else is doing so in that case if no one is gonna jump off the bridge does that mean I should do it just so as to not do the same thing as everyone else?

    Think ...
  5. You know you can make a computer explode right?

    by , 14th January 2012 at 09:52 PM (Crap about me)
    So my long title for today is actually a quote from my cousin.

    I've spent the last four hours in a long study session with my cousin who decided to help me out with geometry and algebra. Around the two hour mark my other cousin came to my house and we had some dinner before going back to work...well he was just messing around while my other cousin helped me.

    So one thing went to another and I was already started to become annoyed by all the numbers due to the time ...
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