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Crap about me

  1. Welcome to Bulbabook

    I'm sorry but it's just that I couldn't resist making that joke xD the My Activity in the profiles that allows you to pretty much see what everyone of your friends is doing is so much like facebook it's almost unbelivable plus then there's the like button and stuff like that.

    That being said I still don't know what to say about these new features but we'll just have to see.
  2. Layers (too late I guess)

    - Name: Ellery
    - Eye Color: Brown
    - Hair Style/Color: Black
    - Height: 6'2
    - Clothing style: Varied I can't really define it xD but I always wear jeans
    - Best physical feature: Eyes/hair

    - Your fears: spiders,rat, insects, lions, snakes, heights, and a bunch of stuff
    - Your guilty pleasure: Manga and writing
    - Your biggest pet peeve: Being made fun of, being ignored, that people don't ...
  3. Conundrum

    So my mom is having surgery tomorrow, the doctor told her a couple of weeks ago that her knee was practically giving up on her. The bones on her left knee are practically colliding with the rest of her leg so she can barely walk. Anyways, the surgery will help her to recover but tomorrow my dad is going to stay with her at the hospital so I have two options. Either go to sleep at my cousin's house or have the house all to myself.

    So which will it be?

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  4. SHSUACC Challenge 1

    And now without further ado I'd like to welcome you all to the first challenge of Stellar Haze's Super Ultra Awesome Comapitibility Contest....

    And the first challenge is to pick a better name xD no seriously I made the name that long and weird on purpose because it'll be your job to give me the actual name this competition should have. It has something catchy yet funny so of to it.

    Hide ...
  5. Stellar Haze's Super Ultra Awesome Compatibility Contest (SHSUAC)

    Welcome everyone I like to invite you to my side. You see someone as awesome as me needs someone as awesome as me to stand by my side and as thus I have decided that I will have a compatibility contest.

    So stupid flaunting aside. All you have to do is say you want to compete and you'll be officially signed up. I will do multiple challenges in which one of you will leave at the end of them depending on how you do the challenges. Unlike other compatibility contests there will be times ...

    Updated 6th March 2012 at 04:56 PM by Flaze

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