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FlameZ's Nuzlocke Adventure Begins

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All right so here it is, my Nuzlocke adventure, I decided to get a Charmander and call it HiPS as normal rules say I'll only catch the first Pokemon...but since I hate that rule instead I'll catch the first two Pokemon that appear only if they're different Pokemon and if there's at least a level of difference, no matter if it's lower or higher.

So let's begin.

-I open my eyes to see some weird old man in front of me, the man tells me his name's Oak and he's some kind of professor

-I tell him I'm a guy, and he gets a smile on his face, which creeps me out

-Apparently this guy is senile since he doesn't remember his grandson's name so I just name the kid Goofy (I liked the cartoon a lot)

-I woke up to find that it was all a weird dream, when I get down my mom tells me all boys should leave home someday, so I pack up my things and bid the woman goodbye, I never liked her anyways

-When I try to get out the old creepy Professor Oak comes talk to me and takes me to his lab, I try to see if there's anyone that can help me but they're all busy talking about video games

-We get to his lab and I see Goofy acting like a bitch for not wanting to wait, so Oak tells me I can pick a Pokemon first, Goofy starts bitching but I just punch him in the face and go to the desk.

-Charmander get, named it HiPS

-Goofy, like the son of a bitch he is picks Squirtle and challenges me

-HiPS kicks Goofy's and Squirtle's ass with a barrage of scratches without a single scratch on him

-I leave Pallet and go into Route 1 to grind a little bit, get HiPS to learn ember and also got him to level 8

-Some dude in the Poke Mart gives me a box, apparently in this world you can't say no to being a delivery service, I just hope some kid in some other region isn't stuck doing the same thing for a four eyes professor.

-I go back and give Oak his parcel, before he gives me and Goofy some advance computer,

-I stash the computer away and I go to get a Town Map from Goofy's hot sister, I can't believe they're related, I would so tap her if she wasn't a sprite and actually had a body

-I go into Route 1 again and get a Potion from Pokemart guy

-Pidgey get named it Feliciano

Current Team

Gender: Male
Level 8
Attacks: Scratch, Growl, Ember

Gender: Female
Level 3
Attacks: Tackle

All right, that's all for now, stay tune for more later on.

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  1. Feliciano's Avatar
    Awesome Just don't let me die, alright?
  2. Flaze's Avatar
    I'll try, first I have to level you up
  3. Ranger Jack Walker's Avatar
    Name me something cool.
  4. *Leeney*'s Avatar
    So you're doing a Nuzlocke too. I would like to be named after the first cute Pokemon you find.(except for caterpie or weedle)


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