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First Day Back

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by , 10th January 2011 at 03:47 PM (191 Views)
Today I went back to school, and it was sort of easy to say the least. I was supposed to have a test as soon as we got in but the teacher didn't come so I had one class less. Other than that everyone in class began talking about their experiences during winter break and me and my friends got to mess around in the classroom.

My class is also picking their queen or something for the class and their king, I nominated the girl I like but she got shy and told them she didn't want to. I don't really wanna get pick and I doubt I will unless everyone wants me to as a joke.

Also, I wanted to try this out so you can ask me anything you want.

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    How would you define love?
    What's your favorite holiday?
    Rating yourself from 1-10, how cheap are you? 1=not very, 10=extremely


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