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Big Project Coming Up

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So it's been about three months since I last made a blog...a pretty depressing one to be honest. Well I'm here this time to make a blog that isn't quite as depressing.

So first some details about my life since it's been a long time since I last made a blog to just say what my life is like and all of that stuff.

Well school's started up again...sort of...I won't go into detail on that little piece of backstory. But anyway my classes are going really well and I'm finally going to pass programming after taking it three times! (I'm going to be the worst engineer in the world I'm sure)

I've been working at my parent's office, which is a drag, there's something annoying about having to call people that have a debt with the bank and telling them to pay, it's scary at times.

Anyways yeah, family, friends, everything's going pretty well. Oh and a special mention to my dear gf @Dolce; for being so great and understanding and stuff.

So, onto my project. See for the last....6 or so or...*counts* 8 months, I've been having this idea of sort of starting my own series of blogs focusing on me watching, reading, listening etc to movies, anime, manga, songs and the like and giving my thoughts out on things, just because the general idea of it has always piqued my interest and I need something to do with these Blogs that have been rotting for the last 2 years so I figured why not.

So yeah I'll be officially starting this series hopefully by the weekend, I still have to figure out a format for this to be honest >> and to start things up with I plan to tackle a very fun but also very crazy couple of things.

For my first review I'd be focusing on the movie end of the spectrum and reviewing a certain famous blockbuster sort of film from last year, that being Pacific Rim. Then on my second review I'll be jumping to the anime end of things and give a review on lo and behold Attack on Titan.

So tune in for that when I finally get around to it xD

Anyways, thanks for reading this, exit's where it's always been and don't step on the lawn, good night.

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  1. Dolce's Avatar
    Oh and a special mention to my dear gf @Dolce; for being so great and understanding and stuff.
    I love you and stuff.

    (Two can play this game mister!)


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