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Crap about me

  1. Birthday Time

    by , 15th March 2014 at 11:30 PM (Crap about me)
    So, regardless of what the title of this blog says (come on, we all know titles are things we use to attract attention) it is actually not my birthday, but it is instead the birthday of someone that I find very important to me.

    So for those that don't know I actually have a girlfriend, and she's a bulba mod here too : D

    Well my girlfriend is @Dolce; and today is her birthday (age is not something I will mention here) and well I wanted to make a ...
  2. First Blog in a while, but I just needed some way to put out my thoughts

    by , 18th February 2014 at 11:30 PM (Crap about me)
    All right, so I'm mostly writing this blog because, well here's the only place where i can actually write out what I think and such in regards to my current situation that I will be bringing up in a bit.

    First of all, hello everyone, how have you all been lately, I hope you've been having a great time, it's really been a while since I made a blog so I wanted to make sure I wasn't missing some custom or something, maybe I should do a splits or something first...nah, nevermind.
  3. Happy April 1st you ducks

    by , 31st March 2013 at 10:37 PM (Crap about me)
    A ghost named Flaze appears into the blogs, everyone run away or perish....PERIIIIISH!

    Meh that was a crappy way to start a blog, but really what are blogs for at the end of the day huh? I mean they're even named "blog" what's that supposed to mean, is it the word block's mentally challenged cousin or something, I don't know.

    Anyways I just made this blog to say Sup and how's it going to whoever is out there, whether you're a person or a zombie alien rat I don't ...
  4. Jumping on

    by , 6th November 2012 at 01:17 PM (Crap about me)
    So I was reading @Scarlet Enchantress; earlier blog and I got curious about the bandwagon that she tried to create, plus I was thinking that it's been quite long since I put up a blog I decided that why not follow through with this.

    So pick the one that would define me best in your mind, please be modest about describing my greatness.

    RATE ME: (1) Crazy (2)GF/BF Type (3)Talkative (4)Sarcastic (5)Loveable (6)Sexy (7)Strong (8)Dumb (9)Spoiled (10)Weird (11)Wild (12) Goofy ...
  5. The best ultrally awesome blog ever

    by , 22nd October 2012 at 11:22 AM (Crap about me)
    So I´m going to say something that will surely blow your mind away, something that will make everyone gasp and see the world and life in a new light. Now be careful, cause if you have heart problems you could end up going to the hospital.

    Once you read what I´ll have to say you´ll beg to hear more, you´ll start running around nake and go crazy because of how amazing it is.

    So all I have to say is

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