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Did you know that platypuses (or platypii, or platypus', or...oh what the heck) are the only mammals to lay eggs?

Creepy. ._.

So anyway.

On to more important matters!

Here's a song that I made for a contest on Newgrounds.

Tell me what you think. ^^

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  1. Ranger Jack Walker's Avatar
    Also, Platypi are poisonous
  2. Karamazov's Avatar
    I can't listen at the moment,but good luck with your song!

    Quote Originally Posted by Ranger Jack Walker
    Also, Platypi are poisonous
    Actually, I think only the males have poisonous spurs.
  3. J J M's Avatar
    @CommanderPigg A certain show needs to get their facts straight. Echidnas are much more cuter than platypi anyway. <3

    @Ranger Jack Walker Yeah, they are. One of the few venomous mammals too.

    @Karamazov Listen when you have the time. ^^

    Also, you guys realize platypi is not the true point of this blog right? xD
  4. Froakie's Avatar
    Hey, Echidna's lay eggs too. :B


    And the song sounds great! It's almost dream-like, especially with the repeating sequences going on in the background. Great job!
  5. Aviator Zero's Avatar
    @Ranger Jack Walker Only the males have a poisonous spur on their hind feet.
    Also, the bill is rubbery and used to dig up tasty stuff in the muddy water. They can also use electroreception like fish but can sense subtle pressure waves as well. On land, they walk on their knuckles to protect the webbing from damage. Their ears are small holes found near the jaw; the jaw is also unlike that of any other mammal's. The tail is used to store fat. The eyes have double cone cells, unlike most mammals. Their average body temperature is an abnormally low 90ºF. They sleep up to 14 hours a day. They can growl, too.
    OT: It was good. I'm not a fan of that particular kind of music, and I didn't get the Mexican vibe, but it was upbeat, innocent, and soothing.


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