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I have a blog?

  1. Well,

    Finally reached 100 likes.

    It may not be as much as some other people, but it's still nice.

    And 200 seems so far away so this is probably my only milestone on here for now.

    Let me just savor the moment for a moment.

    Okay done.

    You can all gloat now.
  2. So about Pottermore

    Guess who got sorted.

    Yep, to Hufflepuff.

    Probably the last place I wanted to get sorted to, probably as much as Slytherin.

    Seriously, their common room is underground and near the kitchen. It's got to be baking hot in there (see what i did thar?).

    And apparently they've got weird dancing plants all over the room. Seriously, dancing plants. What nightmarish monstrosity is that? :o

    And while all the other houses get passwords ...
  3. FL Studio is pretty neat....and also hey, shameless plugging

    It is pretty neat. There are so many options, so many different instruments, so many effects. And you can edit it very easily unlike another software. *glares at you, Audacity*

    Heck, you can edit and listen to it at the same time!

    Of course, the many different options doesn't make it simple. There are so many ways you can go about it that it's difficult finding a combination that works.

    So, after watching a series of tutorials on how to use the damn thing, ...
  4. I'm in total shock right now....

    So I was in Undella Town. Simply exploring the area. And the first house I get in, who do I see there? Why, Cynthia, of course!

    She challenged me to a battle, and even though my highest level at the time was just Lv 62, I thought what the heck. I could always restart and get in some training before I battle her. I had no expectation ever that I would win.

    And the battle begins. Archeops goes out early, though it did dish out quite a bit of damage to Spiritomb.
  5. Completed BW's main storyline

    ....and now I don't have a clue what to do. :/

    I got a random Magikarp from some guy the Magikarp salesman, a Larvesta egg (which I probably won't even use. It evolves at Lv 59??) and I got one of the Seven Sages. Oh yeah, and the Shadow Triad gave me random stuff. :3 I'll miss those ninjas.

    My highest level right now is Lv 55 and apparently I'm fighting guys with 'mons at Lv 65... This is at Route 15 though (next to Nimbasa). Hopefully Route 11 (next to Opelucid City) ...
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