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I have a blog?

  1. Finally survived.

    So my final exams just got over this Friday...and with it the 4 years of my engineering course. :D

    Can't say how glad I am to put all the projects and assignments and everything else behind me. It was just a total pain. But there were a lot of fun moments to remember in between all the annoyances.

    Haven't been able to get a job yet though. But keep trying right?

    Updated 14th April 2013 at 11:04 AM by J J M

  2. Time goes by so fast

    Fourth Bulbaversary, ho!

    Still can't believe it's actually been 4 years since I joined the site. :O

    What can I say, it's been fun. It's kinda amusing that when I joined all that time before, it was because I was a fan of Pokémon but now the only reason I'm staying is because of reasons that has nothing to do with it. Things change so much with time. :<

    I've met so many nice people, made very good friends, got introduced to the strange but pretty cool ...
  3. I'm so happy. *sniffs*

    Yeah, I became an uncle yesterday. Yay. :D

    And you wouldn't believe what everyone's going to name him.

    Jayden. no it has nothing to do with YGO.

    Updated 17th May 2012 at 10:40 AM by J J M

  4. I blame Croag

  5. Well, about time!

    Finally, exams for this semester is over. Months of tests, model exams and finally the real thing, everything is all over! :D

    Though this vacation won't be completely work-free. There's still stuff like some projects to submit during the vacation, having to get an internship somewhere, try to get my driving license etc etc.

    But for the most part, I'm now free. So now to get to work on all the stuff that I've been putting off till the exams were over, like doing something ...
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