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Wow. Exams suck.

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by , 9th May 2009 at 04:37 PM (185 Views)
Yeah. They do. My first one is May 13th and that's for Biology. The one after that is May 18th for Geometry. Last one is May 20th for World History. I'm pretty confident that I'll get a high score on the one for World History, and I'll probably barely pass Biology. I'm really worried about Geometry though. Math isn't my best subject, so yeah. I'll have to really pay attention in class & during the two tutoring sessions I can go to or otherwise I'm really screwed. ...But the tests are minimum compentency, so they must be easy. That or really freakin' hard. I dunno.

And then I'm home free until the last week of school aka finals week. I'm confident about my Spanish final & I'm confident about my Health/PE final. It's just English I'm worried about. But hopefully it won't be that hard. She'll make it mad easy. I hope she does that. I'll be so amazingly happy.

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    well, good luck, Felly!


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