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Only x more months to go.

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by , 13th March 2010 at 09:18 PM (163 Views)

Only 3 months till schools out & about 4 to the next gaming tourney. I've been told that since no female's made it to the finals that I should try & make it there. Well, this summer that is my goal for Brawl. I am gonna do some intense practicing (as well as studying for my DMV permit test) and make it to those finals. I'm gonna be at every single preliminary possible just to make it to the finals. My goal is to at least make it to the finals. Just making it there will please me epically. So intense practicing on as of like... now, I suppose. With that said, I am totally up for online Brawls with other people. Playing CPUs probably isn't the best practice ever. So if you ever wanna play me online, hit me up with a PM or VM & we'll discuss when we can do this. Or you can just find me on IRC. I'm there a lot. My main's Marth (as the picture above shows) since so many people use Metaknight.

And once school's out, I'll have way more time to practice. Blahh, school blows right now. It's so dull & boring. But as long as I pass my SOLs in History, Chemistry, & Algebra II, I'm done for the year.

So yeah. Open Brawl whenever. Just ask. (:

P.S.: Oh & since I have a YouTube account under the name of Fellyization or something like that, I'll probably record the matches too on my camera (since I dun have an SD card yet). Sooooo if you don't want me recording your match, lemme know. But I'll probably ask anyways, just to be on the safe side. Plus, I need stuff on my YouTube, no matter how shitty the quality is. Once I get an SD card, I'll be doing them as replays, but it'll just be vids now since I'm too broke for an SD card. D:

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  1. Soulweaver's Avatar
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    Competitive play of SSB games is very challenging for sure. Good luck with your training! I haven't played Melee or Brawl myself for a long time, but I wasn't very good in it.

    Also, Meta____________Knight.
  2. Felly's Avatar
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    Meta_______Knight is over______used. xD Hence why I don't use him in competitive play. Free play, however, is a different story.


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