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My summer is creepy~

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by , 18th July 2010 at 02:19 PM (233 Views)
So I'm being creeped on. Like beyond belief. I've seen one of my friends at work twice. Once was intentionally. The other was unintentionally. He works at Sonic & I tend to go there a lot after skating. :/ My other friend who works at Wendy's saw me eating with my mom, though I knew he was working. He had to work drive thru that day. xD Now he works front register. And then my floor guard buddy is being a creeper, but he just jokes around with me, so it's all good. And then last Friday, a few people from anime club had showed up skating. I swear I'm being creeped on. Stalked even. :( Summer of stalking and creeping = summer 2010? I think so. ._.

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  1. AiedailEclipsed's Avatar
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    *patpats* You'll be fine~ <3
  2. mariowie's Avatar
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    not as creepy as meeting someone that lives in the same town as you on the other side of the country will you are on vacation


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