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This blog is here to corrupt your minds with whatever the heck I can corrupt your mind with. <3 [Also, it'll include random blog title related rants in entries from time to time just because I need to get it out. Hee hee. :) Better done in a blog than elsewhere, haha.]

We're watching each other grow & we always will. Watch me grow, watch me run, watch me be your teenage dream.

  1. The DSi - Sexy <3

    Haha, it's sexy. It has a camera & stuff. You could probably find information about it on the web on a lot of places. I know of a few places that have that kinda information. But yeah. I heard that the Wii Points are getting renamed Nintendo Points so they're not two different types of points. They should work on both the Wii and the DSi, but I'm not entirely sure. I can get more information on it at a later date.
  2. Feller's First Ever Blog Entry. <3

    Okay, it's not my [first] ever blog entry. More like my millionth, lol. Blogging = life. :P [Well, TB > life, but blogging = life, so there's a difference. :|] So yeah. I'll give you readers a little bit of insanity & a little bit of information about my self. <3

    Name -> Irl name is Audra. Pronounced Aw-druh. I think that's how it's pronounced anyway. I never really thought about it. xD My e-name is Felly. Or Felly with the ~s. <3 Yes, some of my Felly clones have ...
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