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Felly vs SPPGuest2556

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||08.28.08|| <Felly> Yeah. :/
||08.31.12|| <SPPGuest2556> want to have sex
||08.33.20|| <Felly> Uh, no.
||08.33.37|| <SPPGuest2556> why
||08.35.04|| <SPPGuest2556> com on answer
||08.36.22|| <Felly> Um, because it's impossible to enjoy sex via the internet.
||08.36.30|| <Felly> Not to mention I don't do internet sex.
||08.37.07|| <SPPGuest2556> but our baby wod look soo cute
||08.38.02|| <Felly> You do realize that girls don't always get pregnant on the first time, right?
||08.42.58|| <SPPGuest2556> why
||08.43.41|| <Felly> Because the egg doesn't always get fertilized by the sperm?
||08.43.48|| <Felly> Have you even taken sex education yet?
||08.44.17|| <SPPGuest2556> not but you seem sexy anof
||08.44.51|| <Felly> ...What?
||08.45.28|| <SPPGuest2556> sex sex sex sex sex sex
||08.46.49|| <Felly> Alright, fine, fine. I'll have sex with you.
||08.47.30|| <SPPGuest2556> you know this is just a joke
||08.47.44|| <Felly> Oh, I was already aware.
||08.47.58|| <Felly> Trust me, I planned on whipping out a "penis."
||08.48.16|| <SPPGuest2556> but you are still very sexy
||08.48.46|| <Felly> Oh, I'm male.
||08.49.02|| <SPPGuest2556> huh
||08.49.15|| <Felly> I have a penis, mate.
||08.49.32|| <SPPGuest2556> oh
||08.49.36|| <SPPGuest2556> by
||08.49.38|| <Felly> Bye~

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Updated 11th July 2010 at 07:56 PM by Felly (Putting it in a category.)

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  1. Felly's Avatar
    Fuck, it gets cut off, but whatever. :/
  2. Yoshi-san's Avatar
  3. $aturn¥oshi's Avatar
    Wow, you seem popular.

  4. System Error's Avatar
    Should've put on your robe and wizard hat.
  5. Agent Gryphon's Avatar
    Lol that is hilarious, especially at the last part I have actually had random people add me on MSN or talk to me in Serebii Chat and say or flirt with me because of my name and I am like I am a guy >.> and then they never response.
  6. Felly's Avatar
    Oh, I was eventually gonna say witty wizard pick up lines.

    "Hey, I'd like to look at your Marauder's Map. ;)"


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