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Fail trollfest

Any epic fail trolls that are trolling me will get special blog entry. =] They'll always be titled Felly vs [insertfailtrollnamehere]. And Felly will always win. :) [Otherwise, I won't post it. :< I don't wanna make myself look STUPID.]

  1. Felly vs SPPGuest2556

    ||08.28.08|| <Felly> Yeah. :/
    ||08.31.12|| <SPPGuest2556> want to have sex
    ||08.33.20|| <Felly> Uh, no.
    ||08.33.37|| <SPPGuest2556> why
    ||08.35.04|| <SPPGuest2556> com on answer
    ||08.36.22|| <Felly> Um, because it's impossible to enjoy sex via the internet.
    ||08.36.30|| <Felly> Not to mention I don't do internet sex.
    ||08.37.07|| <SPPGuest2556> but our baby wod look soo cute
    ||08.38.02|| ...

    Updated 11th July 2010 at 07:56 PM by Felly (Putting it in a category.)

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  2. Katya is a bitch.

    No matter who you are, you certainly aren't above the rules.

    #spp is a disaster. Especially when Katya's there. Because apparently, she can break the rules. Yet when someone else does it, all hell breaks loose. Just because Katya's friends with the ops doesn't make her above the rules. And when I get banned, the best Reno can give me is "shut up twat." Wow. Really? Are you really unable to come up with a better reason for a ban?

    At any rate, I've reported ...