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Internet related stuffs. =] This doesn't include trolling things & stuff like that though. That has a separate section. Just random internet things, haha.

  1. Just posting this here for my own reference. :<

    User notes sound kind of lame, & PWN doesn't have a note system that only I can see, & I can't be assed to use Word Pad right now. :< So yeah. I'm also going for the Psychic dojo, so you URPG peeps can challenge me. I like money anyways. In URPG, I need it. I'll have a month to get all the monies. PLUS, GRADER STATUS!??! I'll be a rich kid in the URPG. Hopefully. Not really. Anyways, my notes for myself. n_n

    Forum Name: Felly
    AIM(required): Felly (iluvhim4eveh) ...

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  2. Forums =/= IRC

    & it never will be that way. IRC is a chat. What happens on IRC stays on IRC. Just like what happens in Vegas stays in Vegas. Bringing IRC drama to a forum is totally irrelevant. What happens on a forum stays on a forum. Just like what happens in Vegas stays in Vegas. (Yes, I said that twice already in this entry.) Forum drama stays on the forums. IRC drama stays on the IRC.

    Of course, some people (no one here as far as I'm aware, although this isn't exactly directed at anyone ...
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  3. Welcome back, you lovely 503 errors! :D

    No, seriously. Like I anticipate the forums to just like... blow up when B/W is released in Japan. And then they'll be fixed by December - January. Then they'll blow up again next spring when B/W's released in the US. Weeee, the 503 errors will be back. I think I might have to lurk Solstice & my own Pokemon forums till the craziness dies down a lot. (: I'll pop in on occasion, but the 503s will make me run.

    My email gives me 504 errors too. :/ It's quite bothersome, actually. ...
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  4. It grinds my gears when...

    People don't understand the concept of no. I mean, seriously, it's not that hard of a concept to understand.

    "Do you want to battle?"
    "Why not?"
    "Because I don't want to."

    "Do you wanna fuck?"
    "Are you sure?"
    "Yes." ...

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  5. Felly vs SPPGuest2556

    ||08.28.08|| <Felly> Yeah. :/
    ||08.31.12|| <SPPGuest2556> want to have sex
    ||08.33.20|| <Felly> Uh, no.
    ||08.33.37|| <SPPGuest2556> why
    ||08.35.04|| <SPPGuest2556> com on answer
    ||08.36.22|| <Felly> Um, because it's impossible to enjoy sex via the internet.
    ||08.36.30|| <Felly> Not to mention I don't do internet sex.
    ||08.37.07|| <SPPGuest2556> but our baby wod look soo cute
    ||08.38.02|| ...

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