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Breeding is too fail. D:

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by , 8th June 2009 at 09:41 PM (267 Views)
Yes. That's right. Breeding is fail. That should be enough said there, but I will explain why. Well, it takes FOREVER to breed a Pokémon when you don't have the properly natured Ditto to do it with. And I mean forever. I'm still breeding for a Jolly Sneasel for my competitive battling Pokémon team. D: STILL. Haven't done it recently though. Gonna continue my regimen tomorrow from 7pm to 9pm EST. =] I has no homework for any of my classes anyways, hehe. When I finish my team, it's gonna be amazing. <3 I just know it will be. May not be the best team ever, but it'll still be a pretty nice team. :)

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  1. Trainer-c's Avatar
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    That's why the people who don't have the patience to wait on the RNG just trade for a Ditto/Female with the desired Nature.
  2. Blazevoir's Avatar
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    I just use a Pokémon with Synchronize to get the nature I want.


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