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There used to be a huge picture here but I tore it down.

  1. Love

    I wish more people would love me...There's too much hate going around...

  2. Who wants to see a boring YouTube video?

    Here you go.

    I shot that footage in 2007 and gave it to my dad, thinking he would do something with it. Today, he just said "Should I delete this or do you want it?" and I took it back. Then I uploaded it to YouTube. Then I posted a blog about it here.
  3. Just had an idea for a movie pitch...

    So this movie's title is Illegally Blonde. It's about this girl who is a brunette but wears a blonde wig. Her legal documents (e.g. passport) say she is a blonde. One day the police come to her house and try to arrest her but she escapes and has some crazy adventures.

    In the end, it is revealed that
  4. My pet peeves

    (hopes this doesn't become a bandwagon)
    * People who can't spell a Pokémon's name correctly (like Feebass instead of Feebas)
    * People who wish me a Happy Birthday when it's actually the anniversary of my birth
    * People that dislike something without having tried it first
    * sheep (no, not the animal)
    * those damn spambots
    * People posting comments on my YouTube videos like "My Level 98 Empoleon could beat any of your Pokemon, anyday. I haven't used any ...
  5. So my mother's sending me another "care package"...

    ...for my birthday. Last time, she sent me tuna, trail mix, a flashlight, a thermos, and a mesh bag. I gave away the trail mix because I don't like it and the rest of the stuff has just been sitting around, unused.

    This time she said she was sending me some nonperishable foods, a dictionary, and a sudoku book. Just what I've always wanted for my birthday. To be honest, I think I'd rather have some paper clips and a Subway coupon...

    In other news, I was supposed to have ...
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