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Saturday Daze

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Well I usually wake up to watch aturday cartoons, too bad Sonic X is on at 7:30 because now they have an hour of Gogoriki who watches that junk? It's the action shows that get kids attention if they want funny stuff put it on Thursday nights let Friday nights and Saturday mornings be actiony. I also got the script for Handi Quacks that I can play on Bells. One day three ducks were crossing the road going to get some soda, they weren't looking where they were going and a bus came along and hit them all and now they're handycapped and that's pretty much it. Handyquacks! And they didn't get their soda!!! So basically now that song is stuck in my head for today. Plus the thing that was funny was the background drawings looked like a little kid drew it which is some serious hilarity goin on.

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