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  1. Pokémon Red: "Wai u so Addictive?"

    So, a couple of days ago, out of sheer boredom, I began a new game on my old copy of Pokémon Red. I've had it for over eleven years now (same case with my copy of Pokémon Blue- works perfectly, got it near release) and it's a real nostalgia shock; I literally remember playing parts when I was younger.
    I remember, on Pokémon Yellow, I was sitting in my Dad's car, and we were driving up the country to go watch some car race or something, and I remember my Charmander evolving. Don't know ...
  2. Been a while.

    It's been a while since I last posted anything, and my posts on the forum have been few and far between. I sort-of shifted out of Pokémon in favor of BlazBlue, which has taken the roll now of "my current fandom". A few days ago, I went out and pre-order Pokémon Black and White, I'll be getting them on release, and afterwards I'll probably be a bit more active. I don't think anyones really missed me, I didn't really "stand out from the crowd" when I was active, but, meh.
  3. Reaction to Black and White reactions.


    Whilst I may be a little extreme in what I say, please bare in mind this is all opinion and I'm not speaking for anyone else here, just myself.

    When Black and White were announced I was like

    when I saw peoples reactions I was more like

    "It's going to be revolutionary!" ~ some users on Pokémon forums (can't ...
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